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I am open minded but please ask about anything that involves your wants and needs before booking if you have any reservations/questions! 


I don't upcharge at all!!

Showering, brushing teeth/mouthwash is a must!

If you have further questions or requests, please contact me anytime and I promise to get back to ya shortly!

*Please refrain from vulgar and rude language! I am polite, professional and discreet. With that said, I expect the same in return from providers and clients!*


(1/2 Hour 400 Doughnuts)

(Not available for 1st time Clients)


1 Hour 750 Doughnuts

90 Mins 950 Doughnuts

2 Hours 1250 Doughnuts


3 Hours 1800 Doughnuts

4 Hours 2400 Doughnuts

6 Hours 3000 Doughnuts

Dates exceeding 3Hrs must include food aka UnicornFuel :)


12 Hours(Overnight)5000 Doughnuts

24 Hours 6500 Doughnuts

48 Hours 8000 Doughnuts

After 48 Hours each additional day is

3000 Doughnuts

TRAVEL is an option with a 25% deposit!


4 Hours 3500 Doughnuts

6 Hours ,000 Doughnuts

8 Hours 5000 Doughnuts

12 Hours 6500 Doughnuts

24 Hours 7000 Doughnuts

48 Hours 10,000 Doughnuts

!!Screening Required for all appointments!! 

I always offer a special for clients who have left me a review! Ask me about it ;)

It is only applied if the review is posted!


Dana The Unicorn

Double The Trouble...?

Unless there is special listed donation for duos will  ALWAYS be their donation + my donation


Limited Amount of Daily Apts Available 

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